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The Neochrom - VOC analytical complex

The Neochrom - VOC analytical complex is designed for the determination of volatile organic compounds by gas chromatography in paints and varnishes.

The complex solution allows to carry out research, including the qualitative composition of the solvents of paints and varnishes, including the determination of water

Determination of the content of volatile organic compounds (according to the definition of GOST R 52486-2010 and ISO 11890-2:2006 - organic compounds with an initial boiling point of up to 250 ℃ under normal conditions)

When equipped with a thermal conductivity detector, it is possible to determine water on a polymer sorbent with a sensitivity of 0.0002%.

Allows to determine the qualitative and quantitative composition of solvents, their assignment to the appropriate product group (ligroin, kerosene fraction of oil, xylenes, naphtha)