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Post-warranty service of devices

The condition of the instruments plays a crucial role in effective dealing with the tasks your laboratory face. Instruments must always be in working state and give correct quantitative and qualitative results (with measurable and definite accuracy and reliability). There are several ways to solve this problem. You may hire an electronic engineer, an optical instrument specialist and a chromatography specialist at the same time, or find someone who combines all these professional skills. Yet another option is to sign a contract with an appropriate firm that unites professionals in various fields in its structure.

However, a specialist who combines all the listed skills is often quite expensive, and in the case of working with him, not only the company bears a wage cost, but also a cost of needed device components. Also you cannot accurately calculate the idle time for the equipment in such case.

The contract with our company is free of the mentioned disadvantages. We managed to assemble a team of specialists, thanks to which the company guarantees the quality and timeliness of device service. You plan your expenses very precisely with reasonable price of service. Apart from the subscription fee, you do not bear any additional costs.

Update of the existing policy regarding chromatographs of other manufacturers

Presently company serves only devices produced under the Neochrom trademark. For other products on the market, we offer modernization and warranty service. The approximate cost of the guarantee is about 1,199 € per year, excluding travel expenses. Travel expenses are paid by the customer.