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First Ukrainian - best for satisfying your needs and solving your tasks

  • Full warranty of 7 years;
  • Price starts from €9'000;
  • Device adjustment and equipment according to the customer's task;

We produce a series of excellent quality chromatographs, able to satisfy consumers with different financial capabilities. Serial chromatographs are marked with a combination of Neochrom (brand name), the word CLASS and the letters of the Latin alphabet: A, B, C, etc. Devices with complex detecting systems (MS - mass spectrometer) or made to order are marked with two letters. The electronic components used in the entire line of devices (referring to the final boards - detector boards) affecting the sensitivity of the analysis (except for those made to special order) are the same in the entire line of instruments, which allows to obtain repeatable results and data with the same sensitivity for both expensive and budget models. More expensive models have additional modules that facilitate the operator's work, provide additional opportunities for analyses performing and chromatographic data saving while also allowing you to create a network of devices.

NeochromClass A are the simplest and cheapest. Expense controllers are manual. Such models can be equipped with a full range of detectors and evaporators, except for mass spectrometry detectors. USB interface. The main advantage is the price (from €9'000 to €9'999 the disadvantage, as with all devices with manual expense controllers, is the worse reproducibility of retention time. Currently we are not producing such devices, however modernization of other instruments to this level is still possible.

NeochromClass B – mid-range apparatus. Equipped with electronic flow regulators in the carrier gas line (injection, combustible gases, etc. - an option). The entire range of detectors can be implemented. Reproducibility of retention time is no worse than 1 second (for 0.5 hour chromatogram). USB interface, ETHERNET (optional).

Middle price segment (from €10'000 to €14'999 €. About 79'999 for a chromatograph with a mass spectrometric detector).

NeochromClass C is for those who demand perfection. These devices have electronic flow/pressure regulators on all channels. In addition, it can be equipped with a built-in PC, allowing you to work without an external computer (this solution could help you to save work space and to reduce electricity cost). We also provide the possibility of device connection into a GSM-modem network or via GPS. USB, COM, ETHERNET interface is included. The ideal application for this instrument is in production laboratories, where there is a need to carry out analysis with exclsuion of the human factor and to implement the independent logging (including recording of the chromatogram) by the device itself.

Prices from €14'000 to €18'999

Neochrom Class SX – devices made to special order, including those with online control. Devices of this series can be equipped with electronic flow/pressure regulators on all channels. These devices are usually made to solve specific tasks, for example, analysis of gases dissolved in transformer oil or analysis of natural gas.