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NeoCHROM-PIANO analytical system

It is intended for gas chromatographic determination of the component composition of gasoline, industrial solvents, turpentine and diesel fuel by the capillary chromatography method.

NeoCHROM-STEROIDS analytical system

NeoCHROM –STEROIDS anaylytical system based on a gas chromatograph, allows you to carry out biochemical studies, such as the determination of the steroid profile and hormones of the thyroid gland by the method of high-performance GC.

NeoCHROM-BioDIESEL analytical system

Is designed for the comprehensive study of biodiesel.

NeoCHROM-FAT analytical system is intended for comprehensive analysis of fats and oils.

A comprehensive solution that allows you to detect the presence of vegetable fat additives to animal fats, the determination of cis-trans isomers of fatty acids in order to establish the milk fat adulteration with hydrogenated vegetable oils, the content of sterols and waxes.

NeoCHROM-VOC analytical system intended for gas chromatographic determination of volatile organic compounds in paint products by the capillary gas chromatography method.
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