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Even the most modern technical solutions become obsolete over time. Our solution will help to keep pace with the progress - it is the modernization or renewal of laboratory equipment. After modernization, your company receives a chromatograph with modern electronic components in an updated covering. At the same time, the brand of the chromatograph received for modernization is not of great importance - the chromatograph is verified in accordance with the technical requirements for the chromatographs of the CLASS A series.

Today we offer ready-made solutions for the chromatographs modernization.

By default, the modernization procedure includes the following operations:
  • Dismantling of all electronic units with subsequent recycling;
  • Case cleaning and painting;
  • Check-up of gas lines, heaters, block detectors and evaporators;
  • Installation of injection and blowing devices upon request (for working with capillary columns);

You also can always sign a subscription service contract and get a guaranteed working device. We bear financial responsibility in case of idle time for equipment in accordance with the terms of the contract.